Canon PowerShot SX1 IS

(December 2009)

Top, top specs and features in a premium quality superzoom camera

I’ve been using a Bridge Camera since 2004 and upgraded to this beauty. I’m delighted with it!

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What I like about the SX1:

  • As with its predecessors (the S1, S2, S3 & S5), the articulating screen is great. For example it means you can take shots above your head (e.g. in crowds), round the corner, low level, facing you (using the remote).
  • The remote control facility returns, having been dropped since the S1, where it was an optional accessory. Here, it’s included and is useful mainly for controlling playback when you have it connected to the TV. When I had the S1, having bought the remote control, I also used it for taking photos once I’d walked round to be included in the shot. However this model includes face recognition, so you can walk round and it will take the photo shortly after detecting your face.
  • The very effective Image Stabilisation means you can take handheld photos at long telephoto zoom, with no worries about camera shake causing blurring. It makes a huge difference, as I once found out when accidentally turning it off when filming video interviews of colleagues from a mere 10 feet away. The result was pretty nauseating!
  • A boon to the full HD video capability is the Ultrasonic motor driving the zoom, that allows you to zoom in and out, without sound cutting out and with nearly silent operation.
  • This was Canon’s first non-DSLR to feature a CMOS sensor (compacts and bridges normally have a CCD). This permits fast continuous, but full resolution, shooting at up to 4 frames per second. Really useful!
  • Oh and BTW, photo quality is great.

What I don’t like:

  • A printed manual isn’t included and I’m one of those people who like to study it. Short of printing it from the disk or limiting yourself to viewing on the computer screen, I obtained a printed copy from OTC.
Our review rating – 77% – Worth Considering
Key features:
Megapixels 10.0
Optical Zoom 20x
Wide Angle (35mm equivalent) 28mm
Telephoto (35mm equivalent) 560mm
Continuous shooting (max) 4fps
Built in flash – max range 4.8m
Hot Shoe for external flash? Yes
Macro minimum 0mm
Raw? Yes
Video Full HD, 30fps, Widescreen, Stereo
Weight 585g
Other Remote included
Vari-angle LCD
Approx price (incl VAT & delivery) £355
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